What does the acronym NFT stand for?

The acronym NFT has several meanings attached to it, of which some are slang, names, and places.

Listed below are over forty meanings to the acronym NFT:

  1. Network File Transfer Technology (Computing, Telecom, Telecommunications )
  2. Neurofibrillary tangles (Medical, Technology, Neurology)
  3. National Foundation for Transplants( Medical, Patient, Heart )
  4. Not For Tourists
  5. Nitrofurantoin ( Medical)
  6. Network Foundation Technologies( Technology)
  7. Not for Trade (Trading, Gaming, Trade, Forum)
  8. No Further Text( Internet slang, Slang, Internet)
  9. National Film Theatre London,( Cinema, Film)
  10. Niagara Frontier Transit Buffalo, (Technology, Railway)
  11. Newfoundland Time( Technology, Time Zone, Time)
  12. Neurofilament triplet( Medical)
  13. Neshaminy Federation of Teachers (Nos Fajar Trans)
  14. Nitrogen Footprint Tool
  15. Norfolk Time Locations, Australia, (Australian time)
  16. Nefteyugansk Aviation Division Airline,( ICAO airline code, Organizations)
  17. Nutrition Facts Table (Business, Food)
  18. National Film and Television
  19. Nutrient Flow Technique( Hydroponics, Garden, Nutrient)
  20. Nitrogen Fixing Tree Research, (Gliricidia, Tree)
  21. Nutrient Film Technology Information(, Technology, Computer)
  22. Nursing Facility Transition Channel,( Medical, Service)
  23. Norsk Farmaceutisk Tidsskrift
  24. National Floor Trends
  25. National Film Theater
  26. New Federal Theatre
  27. Noetic Field Therapy
  28. National Field Trial
  29. Nyon Freerun Team
  30. Navigation Flight Test
  31. Noorda Family Trust
  32. Non-Profit Organization, Organizations
  33. Normes fondamentales du travail
  34. New Fiber Technology
  35. Negombo Fishermen’s Tamil
  36. Neon Flash Tubes
  37. NetObject Fusion template
  38. Nat Franklin Trio
  39. New Fijian Translation
  40. Nick Firth Tiles
  41. New Federal Theater
  42. Nongsa Ferry Terminal
  43. Norfolk Federation of Teachers
  44. Neutrophil function test Medical
  45. NFT Incorporated Science
  46. Nefteyugansk Aviation Divisionsion Airline, (ICAO airline code, Organizations)
  47. National football team Football, Sport, GAME, NFL

Having listed over forty meanings of the acronym NFT, let’s look into some of the acronyms and what they really depict.

Nutrient film Technique (NFT)

Nutrient Film Technique deals with the growing of plants by ensuring a thin layer of nutrient solution around the roots without using a substrate. Initially NFT seemed to be a perfect growing system because it offers optimal control of the watering of the roots without considering a substrate.

But nowadays, NFT is being used for a few specific crops due to the expense and difficulty of bringing solution to a variety of technical issues and also concerning the absence of buffer and being a potential for outbreak of plant diseases.

Technically, it is quite impossible to grow most crops in a NFT system but it is yet to be adopted widely. This is probably because the system lacks the ability to buffer even when the smallest interruption in water and nutrient support takes place. Another reason may be because of the nutrient supply and considerable risk of spreading root borne disease.

The National Film Theatre (NFT)

It is the leading repertoire cinema in the United Kingdom with specialization classic, independent and foreign language films. It is directed by the British Film Institute.

The National Film Theatre was established in a provisional building at the Festival of Britain in 1951 and then it was moved to its permanent location in 1957.

The National Film Theatre also known as (BFI Southbank) is situated under the southern end of Waterloo Bridge, a part of the complex at the South Bank of the River Thames in London.

Non-functional Testing (NFT)

Non-functional testing is a form of testing to study the non-functional aspects that is the performance, usability and reliability of a software application. It is constructed to test the preparedness of a system according to its nonfunctional parameters which have never been addressed by functional testing.

A perfect example of a non-functional test is checking the number of people who can login into software at the same time.

Nano Fusions Technology Inc. (NFT)

This company Develops and provides micro fluidic devices in order to allow orderly delivery of fluids. They also change fluid managements, and also promote personal and usage of micro fluid for sciences, whether bio science, life science and industrial purposes.

Nitrogen Footprint Trees (NFT)

From the mid-19th century to present time, man has been able to change the nitrogen cycle from the scratch the effects to human and environmental health is very significant. Slight attention has been given to the consumers, institutions that utilize the resources that cause extensive reactive nitrogen (Nr) creation. One technique for evaluation is in the use of nitrogen footprint tools. A nitrogen footprint is defined as the total amount of Nitrogen released to the environment caused by consumption patterns.

Notification of Foreign Travel (NFT)

An endorsed NFT is requested for all official foreign travel not considering the source of funding for the travel. It is created immediately as a part of the foreign travel policy.

The Niagara Falls Tours (NFT)

Niagara is known as honeymoon spot. In addition to its stunning waterfalls, it has a large mass of quickie wedding chapels with hotels backlit in blaring neon. Strolling through its ice-wine vineyards is truly romantic and you can also enjoy the lush landscape at the Niagara Parks Botanical Gardens.

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